Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Are Being Manipulated by Advertisers

advertising manipulation quiz

We are bombarded with ads. Offline and online, at home and outside, while working and when having rest. Advertising overload makes us annoyed and nervous, not even to mention the drastic effect it has on our budget planning and consumerism. Have you ever thought about the effect advertising manipulation has on your life?

Here is the cold truth.

In nearly all the cases, advertisers manipulate us and make us spend more than we plan. How often do you find yourself buying something you barely need? How many times have you promised to stop spending so much?

Don’t be mad at yourself, though.

All the ads you could not resist, all the marketing tricks you fell for, all the unnecessary things you ended up buying are the result of the mind games being played on us. Marketers and advertisers are hijacking our brains for real. Armed with psychological tricks, marketers literally reprogram us, so we start to make a god of particular brands and spend ridiculous money on things we do not even need.

The good news is that you can learn to guard your mind against all this. All it takes is some education on the topic. But first, let’s see how many marketing tricks you know so far.

Take this quiz to find out.