The Best in Civilian Spy Tech

the best in spy tech to protect your privacy

Technology that detects and prevents criminals from successfully gathering data and private information used to be found only in movies. Every spy-loving boy and girl grew up wishing they had cool gadgets similar to 007—running around pretending our pens could record conversations and our glasses could gather and analyze data right before our eyes.

While recorder pens have been around for awhile and the Google Glass specs were a relative burning ship, the need for Ethan Hunt-esque gadgetry to protect our information is on the rise. With what feels like the majority of our lives kept on our smartphones and the rest in our wallets, people are in desperate need of products and software that protects their devices and information. Thankfully, some spy-inspired products have hit the market, and we’re here to introduce you to the future of privacy protection.

Top Spy Tech Products to Protect Your Privacy

Everyone knows having the latest software for our devices is vital to protecting personal information (don’t worry, we’ll get to that)—but actual, physical products are just so much cooler. Here’s a list of some of the hottest Jason Bourne-worthy products on the market today.

IronKey S1000 Encrypted Flash Drive

IronKey is one of the world’s top manufacturers of encrypted storage solutions. Recently, the company merged with Kingston Digital and DataLocker, solidifying the company and its products as the safest data storage force on the market. IronKey offers a range of USB flash drives, including the S1000 which safeguards “100% of all data with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption, in XTS mode, and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation with on-device Cryptochip Encryption Key management.” The drive detects and responds to physical tampering and provides automatic data protection upon drive removal. For added peace of mind, the drive uses digitally-signed firmware making it immune to BadUSB. The drive locks down after ten invalid password attempts, and there is an option to reformat or destroy the drive. The company offers numerous options for basic or enterprise use, some models even come with fingerprint identification security—which is pretty much the epitome of spy tech security. The number of products IronKey offers makes finding exactly what you need a breeze, almost as if you have your own Agent 99 to help you get your hands on the best technology.

Blackphone 2

Every good spy needs a secure way to communicate, that’s just Spy 101. Blackphone 2, by Silent Circle, offers a number of spy-worthy benefits. By partnering with Qualcomm, Silent Circle was able to create a chip that allows users to create completely separate “work” and “personal” spaces, each with their own privacy and app-permission settings. The Blackphone 2 is able to send updates directly to users without having to wait for verification from carriers, not to mention that it offers extended privacy settings not only for general settings but also for app settings as well. The phone is fully encrypted, offers a randomized keypad for unlocking, allows remote wiping, detects malware, and more. The Blackphone 2 has many more security features available than we are able to list here, so check out their product page, and let your inner Kingsman explore the future of secure mobile communication.

Getac S410

If you’re looking for a lightweight, military-grade notebook, the Getac S410 is for you. This second generation device boasts unmatched performance, security, and customization in handheld devices of this size. Among other benefits, the S410 offers multi-factor authentication in order to protect against malicious threats and attempted intrusions. The S410 fully supports Microsoft’s latest authentication tools, including Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport. Logging in is quick and easy with an optional IR camera, fingerprint reader, smart card reader, or dual frequency (LF/HF) NFC/RFID.

RFID Wallets by Identity Stronghold

RFID wallets have been out for awhile, but they were super obvious and a bit atrocious to look at. Identity Stronghold now offers more fashionable, sensible designs that don’t scream, “there’s something in here I’m trying to protect.”  Radio Frequency Identification is the magnetic technology your credit cards use to allow for swipe-pay functions. These wallets block the frequency so that criminals can’t scan your wallet and retrieve your credit card information. It may not seem super high-tech, but it is definitely a highly recommended product for those wanting to protect their privacy and sensitive information. Not only do their products protect your private information, but they are durable as well. Identity Stronghold offers designs for men and women, including wallets, money clips, and handbags. Finally, a company that recognizes the importance of Bond Girls and the need for women’s information to be protected as well, good job, Identity Stronghold!

Privacy Protection Screen Filters

3M offers a wide range of screen filter products designed to keep your personal information private when using your devices in public. With options to fit any device, 3M has engineered three types of filters for any level of desired protection. 3M’s Black Privacy Filter is for basic users simply trying to protect their devices from prying eyes. Users looking directly at the screen will still enjoy clear views of all their information, while anyone from the side will only see a black screen. If you’re looking for higher clarity, visibility, and even a reduction in blue light emission from your screen, 3M’s Gold Privacy Filter will give you everything you’re looking for. The company developed their High Clarity Filter for those who need even clearer viability with the same quality of privacy protection. The company offers a wide range of privacy and protection products above and beyond their privacy filters, so take a look through their products and you may end up finding even more spy-worthy gear than you had hoped for.

Top Privacy Protection Software

While the physical products are supremely cool and let us feel like a real-life James Bond, we need software that supports them. So though it might not be as sexy, arming yourself with the right software tools is key to your truest privacy protection.

Tails OS

Tails is used by journalists, whistleblowers, and criminals the world over because it allows the user to browse, download, and upload to the internet with complete anonymity. In fact, Tails was used by Edward Snowden when he uploaded his now famous NSA files. When used from a flash drive, Tails OS creates a unique, randomly generated computer ID and MAC address based on an algorithm using the current time and date at the time of power up. Then when shutting the PC down, which MUST be done using commands within the Tails OS not the power button, Tails will delete all traces of itself within the host computer and wipe the generated ID and MAC address, once again generating new ones at the next power up. This essentially gives the user complete anonymity, as it is the equivalent of buying a brand-new computer, using it once—then setting it on fire—every single time you use Tails OS. Super spy-mode, right?

Cyberscrub Privacy Suite

Rated the best overall data deletion and privacy protection tool by TopTenReviews, Cyberscrub allows users to permanently delete sensitive files, securely clear browsing history, and create disk space by detecting and removing data from areas of your computer that store small traces of your activity. This program is so effective, it is currently in use by several Federal agencies. Its functions seem simple enough, but overlooking these seemingly small features is a huge mistake and can leave users open to cyber fraud and criminal activity. Cyberscrub partnered with Infinity Safe to offer encryption services for a range of sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. If you’re looking for a tool that puts your mind at ease when it comes to the monotonous but necessary steps that make up true online security, look no further.


To be a truly effective spy, one needs to be able to detect a double agent. What this translates to in the privacy protection world is you need to know if you’re being spied on. That’s where SUPERAntiSpyware comes in. Spyware can be lurking on any device and what’s scary is most people operate under the belief that it won’t happen to them. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, “up to 81% of home computers lack spyware protection, and 69% of devices are infected with some form of spyware.” What’s worse? That statistic is rather out-of-date, so the problem is potentially much worse. SUPERAntiSpyware arms your device by scanning frequently, updating often, and allowing an unmatched level of customization for the user. The company offers free, portable, and professional versions, so you’re able to arm yourself no matter your specific needs.
The bottom line is, the need to protect your personal data and devices will never disappear. If anything, with cybercriminals constantly evolving and trying to find the newest way to hack your life, the need for protection will only grow.

You need to arm yourself, so you might as well feel super cool while doing it.


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