YouTubers React to Top Super Bowl LII Ads

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It’s that time of the year, again—The Super Bowl. It’s a period when, almost magically, advertising turns from a source of annoyance to a source of esthetic pleasure.

During the Super Bowl, the eyes of millions of people are drawn to high-quality (and high-cost) commercials created specifically for the event.

If you doubt the popularity of Super Bowl ads, here’s a few facts to change your mind. Super Bowl commercials are (super) expensive. The cost of a 30-second slot may cost up to $5 million (the price has been growing steadily since 1967). For a TV channel, this translates into $247.5 million in revenue.

A whopping 49% of people consider ads the most interesting part of the show. On top of that, as much as 53% of Americans say they would be disappointed if the event went ad-free.

Super Bowl commercials are a big deal. That’s why we couldn’t help but comment on this year’s Super Bowl LII ads and ask our YouTube friends to do exactly the same.

Meet Our Star Squad

Scott, DangThatsaLongName, is a gamer and video maker from Scotland. He owns and creates for a popular gaming channel on YouTube.

Courtney Lundquist is a charming young woman and popular YouTuber from Florida. As Courtney herself explains, you can find “a little bit of everything” on her channel.

Dan Rodo, a.k.a TheDanocracy, is a good friend of ours, a successful YouTuber, and an animal lover; his pup Charlie regularly makes appearances in his videos. 

YouTube Influencers Reacting to Super Bowl Ads

The first commercial we’ve picked is… let’s say, controversial. You watch it for the first time and might be confused. You give it another try, but it still might feel weird. Then you ask yourself something: “Ok, am I the only one who doesn’t get it?”. Well, heave a sigh of relief—you are far from alone. Check out how our friends reacted to Febreze’s “The Only Man Who’s Bleep Don’t Stink“:

The second commercial we’ve chosen is a telling example of what makes a cool—dare-we-say, “epic”—Super Bowl ad. This ad has it all, including good music you can’t resist dancing to plus a few A-class celebrities you’re not expecting to see. Despite the uncertainty with promoting two products in one ad, creators of the Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice commercial got it right with this golden combination.

This year’s commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks is mostly beautiful, but here at StopAd we find it a little too dramatic for selling cars. Have a look what our YouTube star team says in this regard:


Some Other Super Bowl Ads We Loved (and Hated)

This post would be incomplete without featuring what we think are best and worst Super Bowl ads of this year. So, make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down comfortably, and enjoy:

The One Where Chocolate’s Dream Comes True

Ok, we loved this one. Short and concise, this ad makes you believe that chocolate candies have their dreams, too. Plus, it features Danny DeVito. Chocolate talking, celebrity starring. What else do you need for a cool ad?

The One Where Celebrities Take Over for Amazon’s Alexa

This one made our whole team laugh out loud. It is funny, dynamic, and features more celebrities than you’d expect to see during a 90-second commercial. Take a look; this ad is one of the best this year.

The (Strange) One Where Budweiser Gets Medieval

There is nothing particularly bad about this ad, but there is nothing good, either. It feels fine but it’s not what you expect from a big brand during the Super Bowl lineup. Plus, the beer envisioned as a knight walking into a convenient store, seriously?

The (Weird) One Encouraging You to Drink More for a Charity

The idea itself feels wrong from the start. Basically, what this ad does is encourage you to drink beer if you want to help people in need. Neither the social initiative nor Matt Damon seem to be enough to make this ad worth watching more than once.

We hope you enjoyed watching these ads together. Stay tuned for more posts in this series, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss a thing.