Join our 2018 Distraction Detox: A Distraction Elimination Challenge

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They say to everything there is the season. If that is true, then spring is a great time to set goals and build new habits to achieve them.

At StopAd, we’ve made a promise to help people boost their productivity and quality of life by helping limit the amount of distractions they experience every day.

Of course, we cannot promise to remove all distractions from your life. Nobody can. What we can do, however, is to educate you on the consequences of living in the “culture of distractions” and help you become more resistant to various kinds of interruption in your everyday life.

#DistractionDetox: A Distraction Elimination Challenge Powered by StopAd, Inspired by the Modern World

Here’s the good news. You are invited to participate in our Distraction Detox, a distraction elimination challenge. Starting on March 12, this 3-week challenge will help you build more focus and become more productive by helping you remove the biggest distraction in your life.

This idea isn’t out of the clear blue sky. It’s backed by science.

It all started with our research on the effect of distraction on productivity and mental health. The eye-opening findings from this investigation is what motivated us to sit down, brainstorm, and identify a simple solution that we’ll help minimize the negative effect of distraction. Enter the Distraction Detox.

We believe that this challenge can be life-changing.

From better focus to reduced anxiety and improved mental health—eliminating interruptions in work and personal life will have a range of positive effects. The success of the detox and the positive impact it can have on your life are limited only by your investment.

Distraction Detox: FAQ

Why do you call it a challenge?

For two reasons.

First, because it won’t be as simple as you might think. Fighting distraction is a complex process that requires a lot of willpower and commitment on your part. It will be challenging to start resisting distractions that have become ingrained in your daily habits. It’s challenging but still possible.

Second, because a challenge can also unite a group of like-minded people to achieve a common goal and support one another on the way toward success.

Why 3 weeks?

As you probably know, 21 days is the minimum time needed to build a new habit. Learning to resist a certain distraction is basically learning to behave in a different way, and this is exactly what forming a new habit is about.

Why only remove one distraction?

Throughout the campaign, we’ll dive into motivation and how to remove various kinds of distractions. You can pick as many distractions to remove as you like. However, according to expert estimates, when we focus on building one new habit at a time, our chances for success increase by 80 percent. That’s why we encourage you to pick the distraction you believe affects you the most and work with it until it no longer has power over your life.

Why should I participate?

If you are anything like the majority of modern people, you are a victim to distraction. The outcomes?

Your performance at work likely suffers; you may be easily annoyed; you might have hard times meeting deadlines; you probably struggle to find time for people you love and things that matter; you likely spend more money than you should by falling for online ads and marketing tricks.

Having doubts that you are a victim to distraction? Take this short quiz to find out just how much interruption is disrupting your life.

How Can I Join the Distraction Elimination Challenge?

All you need to do is to share your biggest distraction on social media using the hashtag #DistractionDetox (If you need help defining your major source of distraction, take this quiz). Then commit to work towards eliminating your biggest source of distraction for 3 weeks starting from March 12. Keep us and your friends informed on the progress you make and difficulties you face while building a new habit. To help keep you motivated over the course of the challenge, check our blog for weekly updates and helpful tips on the topic.

The Distraction Detox is about to start. Are you in?