Take This Quiz To Learn How Easily Distracted You Are

distraction level quiz

Distractions are the scourge of modern life.

They are basically everywhere. Distractions get on your way when you need them the least—when you’re trying to meet an important deadline, preparing for final exams, or doing all you can to stay focused on reading a book. Distractions cost you time, energy, health, and money without you realizing it. Distractions are truly the enemy of greatness and success.

Isn’t it crazy that distractions cost American business around $650 billion per year? Did you know that distraction is the number one cause of road accidents? Have you heard that it takes us on average 25 minutes to regain focus after a single moment of distraction? And isn’t it alarming that a mere 11 minutes is the maximum concentration period for most modern office workers?

Distraction is what stands between you and professional success, you and personal greatness, you and quality relationships, you and a truly meaningful life.

Each time you can’t resist checking your newsfeed, every moment you let push notifications interrupt your workflow, every time you decide to check your email instead of taking a short break from work and spending a few minutes away from screens, you let distraction take control of your life. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The good news is that you can learn to resist distraction.

The process is not simple and requires some willpower and commitment on your part, but it is absolutely worth it. Once developed, the skill of resisting distraction will result in greater focus, better performance, improved relationships, and healthier nerves. Are you ready to give it a try?

If you said “Yes”, it is time to take the first step and find out how easily you get distracted now. As soon as you learn how big your distraction problem is, you can begin to tackle the problem. Don’t worry, we’ll be providing you with a set of tools and tricks to help you shake interruption for good.

It is time to test your personal distractional level.


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