Google Launched Its Ad Filter—the Internet Reacted With Memes

reaction to Chrome ad filter StopAd

Have you heard the biggest tech joke of the month? Google—the largest online advertiser ever—released an “ad blocker” of its own.

The reason we used quotation marks is that what Google launched is rather an ad filter, and—what is important—an absurdly light one. Only 1% of 100,000 websites analyzed were affected, a whopping 1,000 of the most popular websites in the US and Europe. Wow, that’s impressive, Google! That’s huge.

However, there’s one thing we are truly thankful to Google for. The world’s response to the Google ad filter.

Without the release of Google’s Chrome ad filter, we wouldn’t have had such an abundance of memes to chortle at this week. Some of them were so hilarious, we almost cried. (You know that awkward moment when Google ad filter memes are worth more of your attention that the ad filter itself?)

We couldn’t help but share our favorites. Enjoy!

google ad filter meme StopAd


google ad filter tweets


google ad filter meme from StopAd


google ad filter tweets


Google releases an ad filter meme


google ad filter responses tweets


chrome ad filter response memes


Google ad filter response memes tweets


google ad filter meme


google ad filter meme


google chrome ad filter memes


Given the “mind-blowing” scale of improvements Google’s ad blocking initiative has caused, there are no doubts the usage of real ad blockers will keep growing steadily. Face the facts: it was a little naive to think that the world’s largest advertiser would bite the hand it feeds from.

We have this parting message:

Be smart. Don’t let some guys from some coalition decide which ads you should see and which you should not. People want better. People deserve better. At least we think so.