Naughty and Nice of Social Media Retail Advertisers

naughty ads

No one can deny that the convenience of shopping online is unmatched in today’s market.

Even with new services like ship-to-store gaining popularity, there is nothing quite like lounging in your pjs, nestled in your favorite chair, sipping a cup of cocoa while you tick everything off your holiday gift list.

How perfect! Thanks to cookies—and the fact that all your devices are synced— personalized ads materialize on your social media feeds, showing you all the things you didn’t even know you needed!

But how do you know which retailers are trustworthy and which ones to avoid at all costs?

Thankfully, Santa’s little helpers are here to tell you some of the naughty from the nice when it comes to retailers actively advertising on social media. We’ve done the research, so you can relax and add those new headphones to your cart without worry.

The Naughty List

by Not Flipper

These retailers should be expecting coal in their stocking this year! From poor customer service to subpar products, these are the retailers whose ads might get you to click, but whose products you should avoid at all costs.

You may have seen Rosegal ads pop up in your Instagram and Facebook feeds marketing stunning dresses starting from only ten bucks. However, when you look more closely, it’s easy to see that this site isn’t completely trustworthy.

With less than three stars on sitejabber, customers have complained about everything from the clothing not being true-to-size to not being able to find tracking information on their orders—even being charged more than the price listed on the website!

Furthermore, according to some customers, returns and refunds seem to be not worth the hassle. It seems for most customers these deals are simply too good to be true.

Despite some of the contradictions of the Better Business Bureau, reviews of Dress Lily seem to truly warrant the BBB’s “F” grade. Dress Lily customers frequently have issues with late- or non-delivery of orders, an inability to get in contact with representatives from the company, and false advertising concerning shipping and product costs. Peppered into the sea of many negative reviews, one will find an occasional happy customer, but be aware that these are not the norm. This website is definitely “order at your own risk.”

This general merchandise retailer has a familiar feel to it. The products are organized and categorized similarly to which, after some digging, may be a tactic to help gain consumers’ trust.

Since the site feels familiar, it’s hard not to get swept up by the promise of a good deal, ignoring signs it might not be the most trustworthy (the first being that their products’ prices are considerably higher than other retailers).

Fingerhut is a tempting option for consumers because they offer financing, so that the higher cost seems less of an issue; you’re only expected to make a small monthly payment, right? Keep in mind, however, that on top of paying a higher cost for a product in the first place, if it is not paid off in a timely manner, the interest rate can be over 25 percent!

Add to that, the fact that Fingerhut notoriously has poor customer service reviews and negligibly better product reviews, this social media retailer is not worth the trouble—or expense.

The Nice List

by Maxi Albella

Ah, finally.

Now that those unsavory sellers are out of the way, we can focus on the retailers that you should be happy to shop with. These retailers look good, have friendly, helpful ads, and have the quality goods and customer service to back it up. These online shops have figured out how to make pleasant online buying happen. Happy shopping!

If you’re in the market for some cute, stylish clothing at a decent price, don’t let those other discount clothing shops scare you away from JessaKae.

According to reviews, products were generally true-to-size, color, and fit. One customer even said the fabric was “buttery and soft” which we took to mean: it ain’t cheap, though the clothes are relatively inexpensive.

Returns through JessaKae are on par with other reputable online sites, and their customer service is relatively easy to deal with.

Just as their name suggests, this site is all about gifts for men, which come in crates that have to be opened with a crowbar. Fun, right?!

The reviews for the products are promising. From (my) personal experience with the customer service department, I can tell you that they are easy work with. They offer an array of products, from beef jerky to disc golf.

They have crates for all kinds of enthusiasts, and all seem to fit their customers’ needs perfectly. The site is easy to navigate, and there are a number of options as far as add-on products as well as shipping and delivery options.

Not only does this site feature thousands of options from designer retailers, it’s an application that allows you customize your own collections as well as offering several other tools for putting together that perfect look.

Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, this app has rave customer reviews regarding both products, customer service, and overall experience. If an ad for shoptagr pops up in your social feed, we recommend giving it a second look.

Have you clicked on any social media advertisements? What was your experience?