The world without ads: StopAd test-drive on Forbes, Urban Dictionary, and The Week websites

DapperThe world without ads

Do you know how many ads you see? According to stats, you are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day.

On average, there are 4-10 ads per each web page – banners, popups, videos with autoreply…
Can you imagine the world without all of this?

We can show you.

StopAd – it’s our name. And it’s what we do. In our small test-drive we stopped ads on three popular websites – and took “before and after” screenshots to make things clear for you.
Please, drag to see the webpage without ads.

Urban dictionary


The Week

Do you have your “favorite” ad-cluttered website?  Try StopAd and share your test-drive results (here is the frame comparisons service) on Facebook or Twitter with #stopads tag!