Why You Need StopAd On Mobile: iOS and Android Update + Secret Gift Inside

StopAd on mobile iOS and Android update

There is always something huge and significant going on in our office. For the last few weeks, our team has been working diligently to release improved versions of the StopAd apps for iOS and Android. Using StopAd on mobile has just got even better. 

This time, we have been mostly focused on improving the technical part of StopAd —the part you can’t actually see as a user but can absolutely feel.

The good news is that we have polished StopAd from the inside-out. From now on, you will enjoy an even smoother experience using the app. These StopAd Android updates and StopAd iPhone updates are guaranteed to significantly improve user experience. But why does this matter? Let me explain.

Why Use StopAd On Mobile?

If you are a classic, modern person, you have probably noticed that mobile is taking over desktop. You’re probably using your mobile devices more and more to access information that three years ago you would only have read on your desktop.

It all started in 2016—the year when, for the first time in history, mobile internet usage exceeded desktop. Since then, the trend has proved itself stable. For 2 years in a row, mobile internet usage accounts for around 51%, leaving the remaining 49% for desktop.

Obviously, marketers and advertisers have access to this data, too. And this means they know what’s going on and have been trying to adapt.

This means there are an increasing number of ads and marketing tricks designed to catch your eye on mobile. So, in addition to the banner ads and pop-up ads we are sick of but somewhat used to, now we are also bombarded with ads in apps and games.

Your privacy and security are another big concern.

Chances are high your smartphone is home to hundreds of pictures, screenshots, records of financial transactions, conversations, and notes you would not want to be stolen. The bad news is that mobile devices are just as vulnerable to scam, data tracking, phishing, and malware as desktops.

Are you an Android user? You’d better know that 98% of mobile malware targets Android devices.

Do you download apps from Google Play? You’ll be surprised to learn that the Google Play Store is not completely safe. Even the most popular apps with up to 5 million downloads turn out to be infected.

Do you connect to public Wi-Fi every so often? Beware that your mobile device is only as secure as the network you are connected to. This means an increased probability of a man-in-the-middle-attack or another form of online fraud.

These are just the biggest and the most obvious concerns associated with your online security and privacy on mobile.

As the only uncompromising ad blocker on the market, we cannot remain uninvolved. That’s why StopAd apps for Android and iPhone exist in the first place. And that’s why we never stop working to make it better.

Features You’ll Love in StopAd for iOS and StopAd for Android

  • Ultimate Ad Blocking

Just like StopAd for desktop, the mobile version of StopAd blocks all possible kinds of ads, including pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, auto-play video and audio ads, as well as in-app ads and ads in games. Whatever format of annoying advertising you can think of, StopAd blocks it.

  • Privacy Protection

Once your smartphone is StopAd-covered, your privacy is safe. Apart from blocking ads, we also remove hidden tracking scripts such as cookies, beacons, and social widgets. This means that your personal data is being protected from phishing, tracking, and other types of online fraud.

  • Increased Browsing Speed

We know that page load time matters—especially, when browsing on mobile. By blocking ads and trackers that take time to load, page load time improves up to 2X faster, which saves your time and nerves.

  • Minimized Mobile Data Usage

Using StopAd on mobile means you can cut your data usage and save money. It’s a nice bonus you get from using a system-level ad blocker.

  • Improved Battery Life

By blocking JavaScript ads and tracker codes, StopAd can save your smartphone battery life. This is another cool side effect of ad blocking that many of our users love.

It’s Gift Time: A Month of StopAd for Free

Thanks for checking out our updates. We’re pretty sure you’ll love using StopAd on mobile and so we’re giving you a chance to get all the StopAd PRO features absolutely free for 30 days.

Get a free month of StopAd PRO

(Note: depending on what device you open the link from, you will get one month of free StopAd PRO for either desktop or mobile.)