StopAd is starting a blog

Welcome to StopAd blog!

Not long ago we have started to work on StopAd, and so far it’s been a great ride! It’s first version comes with an array of features under the hood that we know you’d love. These days ads have become quite uncanny, sneaking into the apps as well as browsers.

The good news is that StopAd is able to serve you equally well both in your browsers and apps, when it comes to keeping ads out of sight. Not to brag, just sayin’ 🙂 Ok, we’re actually quite proud of it.

Likewise, in case with our blog we are going to encompass a range of topics: cool product features, advertising industry insights, safe browsing habits, bits on techhnology and more.

As a team we’re excited about the idea of tackling one of the most common stereotypes about ads. Quite often advertising, sometimes even dubbed as “lifeblood of internet”, is represented as the only way to procure quality content for users like us all. Well, we think there should be an alternative, and will explore the possibilities and successful examples of this concept here. We also encourage you as a user to voice your thoughts on this and other subjects.