Quiz: What Is Your Biggest Distraction?

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If you are a part of modern society in 2018, chances are good you have trouble staying focused and are easily distracted.

Consider the following:

You struggle to resist checking your email for the 47th time while slogging away behind a desk; or you can’t refuse the impulse to scroll through your Instafeed while scenes and sounds from the latest Netflix Original tap on your consciousness.

In the first scenario, there is a tiny chance you might be distracting yourself intentionally to escape from the boring task at hand. In the second scenario, however, there is no other explanation rather than that distractions are taking over your willpower (and life).

The problem has grown to the extent that we get distracted from our distractions. Sound crazy? Let me explain.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a computer and working on a monthly report for your manager. Out of the digital blue, you see a notification about a new article in your favorite online magazine. Without hesitation, you click on it and start reading. By the end of the first paragraph, you notice a push notification from Facebook on your phone. Someone has just commented on your recent post. The moment you reach out for your phone, it happens. That’s a distraction strike, kid. That’s how insanely distracted we have become.

Fortunately, the battle with distractions is one you can win. The victory takes as little effort as defining your biggest distraction sources, educating yourself on how distractions work, and applying the knowledge to develop skills and get rid of distractions for good.

Are you ready to take your first step towards a life of better focus and concentration? Take our quiz to find out your biggest source of distraction. Let’s discover what is keeping you from living here and now.