StopAd — Download and Install the Best Ad Blocker for Chrome on Desktop and Mobile

If you use the same internet as the rest of the world, chances are high you are fed up with online advertising. Pop-ups and pop-unders, autoplay video and huge banner ads—digital advertising is by no means polite and ethical. Online ads follow you in apps, in social media, and . . . in your Google Chrome browser. No wonder you ended up searching “Google Chrome ad blocker.”

The Best Google Chrome Ad Blocker — and Everywhere Ad Remover

There are a number of options for removing ads on Chrome, including manually adjusting your pop-up settings. However, if your looking for a pop-up and ad blocker on Chrome that does more, there is only one ad blocking tool that is going to deliver uncompromised ad blocking and security — StopAd.

StopAd dashboard

StopAd is a device-level ad blocker. Because we are an application and not just an ad blocking extension, StopAd not only blocks ads and pop-ups on Chrome but also stops them on any other browser as well as on the apps and games you have on your desktop or mobile phone. StopAd blocks ads everywhere with only one installation.

We take Chrome ad blocking seriously, and we don’t cut corners. Here’s what StopAd delivers:
  • Blocks all ad formats, including pop-ups, banners, as well as autoplay audio and video
  • Blocks ads on all browsers (not just Chrome) and apps with one installation
  • Makes customizing and whitelisting easy
  • Protects your privacy by stopping trackers
  • Secures your web browsing by blocking malicious websites

StopAd Ad Blocker
for Android — and Chrome
on Every Other Device

StopAd is optimized to maximize ad blocking on several devices. So, if you need an ad blocker for Chrome on Android or your desktop, we’ve got you covered.

Our ad blocker doesn’t just block pop-ups. It blocks all ads. Neither does StopAd only block ads on Chrome. It works on all browsers and apps.

StopAd on Android does some pretty amazing things, including:

  • Complete ad removal of pop-ups, banners, and autoplay audio and video in all major browsers and applications
  • Improved security because the app doesn’t require root access
  • Unparalleled privacy via tracker deactivation
  • Simple and lightweight functionality on mobile and wifi
  • Faster browsing and data savings
  • Premium 24/7 support

How to Remove Ads on Chrome: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re ready to give uncompromised ad blocking on Chrome (or any other browser) a try, installing and downloading StopAd is simple.

  1. Visit the StopAd homepage and select your device in the “Products” dropdown.

    Alternatively, you can click the links in the previous section for your preferred device.

  2. Download StopAd by clicking the “Block Ads Now” button or the “Download Now” button.

    StopAd is a free ad blocker download, so feel free to give it a try! If you want to familiarize yourself with all the StopAd features and benefits, simply scroll down the page and investigate.

  3. Install the Ad Blocker by following the installation instructions for your device.

    Every operating system is different, but installation usually is done in a few clicks.
    Install StopAd for Windows
    Install StopAd for Mac
    Install StopAd for Android
    Install StopAd for iOS

  4. Select StopAd’s free ad blocker or our premium ad blocker.

    StopAd ad remover has free and paid versions. Both stop all kinds of advertisements on Chrome. To block pop-ups and ads on more than one browser and to get all StopAd’s security features, choose StopAd PRO. If you only want to block ads on Chrome, choose StopAd FREE. New users get a free trial of StopAd PRO.

  5. Start surfing, ad-free!

    With the StopAd PRO trial, you can browse the web on Chrome and any other browser without interruption from frustrating or invasive advertisements. Because StopAd also blocks all ads in applications as well, you can game, work, and relax without annoying advertisements. If you decide you want to allow some ads, you can easily customize your features and whitelist pages.

If you have any questions about downloading or installing the best ad blocker for Chrome, Android, and every other platform—visit our help page.

StopAd on Chrome FAQ

If you decide that StopAd FREE is a better fit, you still may want to block pop-ups on your back-up browser. Or maybe you use one browser on your desktop but a different one on your phone. These tips will help you remove pop-up ads on any browser.

  • Is StopAd Chrome Blocker safe?

    Yes, the StopAd Ad Blocker for Android is safe for your device for these reasons:
    1) We use a Local VPN Client meaning that we don’t have any access to your traffic or data.
    2) We block trackers so that no one knows what you visit or where you visit.
    3) We are independent. Because we don’t have any agreements with Google and we have a clear business model, we will not take or sell your data.

  • Is StopAd free?

    StopAd has both free and paid versions. StopAd FREE blocks all ads on one browser of your choice as well as on your device. StopAd PRO blocks all ads anywhere you surf, play, and work online. PRO also boasts premium security and privacy protection. Both versions are customizable and have whitelisting and allow creation of custom ad blocking rules.

  • Does StopAd Ad Blocker require much memory?

    No. For example, on Windows desktops StopAd only takes up to 250MB of RAM. On Mac, StopAd takes up even less memory.

  • Does the StopAd for Chrome offer privacy protection?

    StopAd does provide privacy and security protection for our StopAd PRO users.

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