Why Does StopAd Consume a Lot of Battery on My Android?

Learn how StopAd uses power and what you can do to extend your battery life.

Does StopAd Consume A Lot of Battery?

We’ve received some complaints about StopAd using a large portion of our customer’s battery. This feedback can be misleading, however.

To block ads, StopAd filters all traffic through its VPN. Since all traffic has to pass through StopAd in order for ads to be blocked, Android mistakenly attributes most of the battery usage to StopAd. In reality, however, it is the sum of all traffic.

Why Doesn't StopAd Work in Power Saving Mode?

This is a common issue with the Android 6 OS. Power Saving mode restricts background apps from accessing data, and this prevents StopAd from filtering connections and blocking ads

Tips on Expanding Your Battery Life while Using StopAd:

Turn off your hardware radios when not in use

These include NFC, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. You don’t need NFC and Bluetooth all the time, so turning them on when you need them will help a lot. If you’re on 3G or LTE, turn WiFi off, so it won’t be constantly searching for networks and eating your battery. Turning GPS off will restrain Android from keeping location-based apps resident in the background, and decrease the battery usage

Check how much battery your apps use

Go to SettingsBattery to see an organized list of what's consuming your phone's battery. If you see some apps that you barely use, you can uninstall or disable them.

Get rid of unnecessary home widgets and live wallpapers

If you have any widgets on your screen that seem inactive, it doesn’t mean they don’t use your battery by running in the background. Remove the ones that you don’t use and leave only the ones that you need.

Lower your screen brightness or use automatic brightness settings

This one speaks for itself, and it works better than you might think.

Reduce email, Twitter, and Facebook polling

Set your various messaging apps to "manual" for polling or refresh frequency, and turn off background refresh to extend your device's battery life significantly.

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