How to Use Whitelist in StopAd for Android

What Does “Whitelisted Apps” Mean? What Do I Need to Do to Whitelist an App?

StopAd blocks ads in all major applications except YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook apps. These are the largest publishers in the world, and they work day after day on improving the mechanisms of advertising. These unique protocols for advertising drive their main income and the user's experience does means little to them. StopAd is just getting started in the fight against such big players. We are working tirelessly to find a powerful ad blocking solution for these apps. In fact, by the end of May 2018, we will release the StopAd for YouTube feature, which will automatically block ads in Youtube by muting the ad’s sound and automatically skipping it.

The StopAd for Android application doesn’t have a “Whitelist option” for certain websites, but it does have Whitelisted Apps.

What Does “Whitelisted Apps” Mean?

In your StopAd Menu bar, you should see various options including: Home, Statistics, Domain Restore, Whitelisted Apps, and Settings. With Whitelist Apps, you can add any application on your Android device to be excluded from the StopAd ad blocking functionality.

What Do I Need to Do to Whitelist an App?

To Whitelist an App:

  1. Launch the StopAd application
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Tap on Whitelisted Apps, then tap on the blue icon with the white cross at the bottom of your screen
  4. Check-mark the application you wish to whitelist

To take the app off the list, tap to highlight and swipe it to the left/right

Additionally, you can whitelist any website or application with StopAd on your Windows or Mac. Follow the links below to find more information:

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