What is the Automatic License Renewal

What Is the Automatic License Renewal and Why Should I Use It?

Automatic License Renewal means that you will be billed for your StopAd subscription in regular intervals. It is a very comfortable process of payment because there is no need to purchase and re-activate the product every time the subscription expires. With automatic license renewal, you will just be charged automatically at the expiration period, so you may continue using the best ad blocker StopAd without service interruptions.

Our company proposes two variants of payment plans—a 12-months plan and a 1-month plan

StopAd is a subscription-based product which means that you will be charged automatically upon subscription expiration. When you choose the 12-month plan, you will be charged a lower per-month price. Please note that the total price of this plan will be charged at once (not in parts each month.) After the initial payment, the next payment will be in 12 months. When you choose the 1-month plan, you will be charged automatically every month on the same date you initiated the subscription. So there is no need to worry about your expired license!

What Kind of Payment Options Does StopAd Offer?

StopAd offers two kinds of payment options. First, you can purchase a license by credit or debit card. For this, you need to enter your card credentials as necessary for the payment. Please double-check that you fill in all obligatory fields. Second, you can pay through PayPal. In this option, you just need to enter your PayPal email.

If you face any problems related to StopAd, do not hesitate to contact our StopAd Customer Support Department which is available 24/7


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