How to Cancel Your StopAd Subscription

How to Stop the Automatic License Renewal?

StopAd is a subscription-based product, which means you are charged automatically on a periodic basis after the date when the license was first purchased. To put it simply, when your StopAd license subscription cycle ends, you will be charged again at the same price but for the next period of usage.

We offer one month and one-year plans, each of which is charged on the basis of subscription (renews each month or each year, respectively). With each license, you will receive highly-qualified 24/7 customer support. If you have any problems with your subscription, you can contact the support department. They will gladly assist you.

In some situations, you may wish to cancel your StopAd subscription. For example, if you have faced some technical problems with the software, which StopAd Support cannot fix. Similarly, you may wish to discontinue using our service for another reason.

How to Cancel Your StopAd Subscription:

  1. Contact StopAd Support. Follow this link:
  2. You should provide the agent with the following information:
  • the reason of the cancellation,
  • the reference number of the purchase or the order ID, or/and
  • an email address which was used during the purchase,
  • your full name

After the subscription cancellation, you will receive an email confirmation from PayPro Global*** that your subscription has been canceled.

Note: right before the billing date, you will receive an email notification about the upcoming charge

Our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7 to help resolve any issues


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