How Do I Get My Money Back

How to Get the Refund?

Please note that in buying licensed software customers confirm their awareness about all features and functionality of the product. An updated description of the product and its functionality is available at all times on the official StopAd website.

StopAd Refund Policy

Under the Refund Policy of License Agreement that you accepted during software purchase, we only process refunds to a customer if he or she faces technical issues with StopAd that cannot be resolved with the help of customer support service.

If you would like to appeal for the refund, there are three different ways to contact us:

  • Send an email to
  • Start Live Chat via the StopAd application by opening the StopAd application, then clicking Start Live Chat in the bottom right corner
  • Give us a call at 1-800-903-1420

Refund requests are valid only during the period of purchase for one month or one year (12-month) subscription plans. If the StopAd Support Department cannot resolve a technical problem with StopAd, refunds will be processed in three to five business days

Damage Compensation

If there is ever sufficient evidence that our software is the root of a technical breach of your device, we may consider compensating you for any additional damages. After receiving a refund request concerning a technical infringement, our customer support agents are required to give an initial response. Please note that only after receiving all relevant evidence and proof, can our support representatives reply sufficiently. Customer support agents require from one to ten days to process the received material and give a qualified response.

Before processing the refund request, we want to be sure that there is nothing else we can help you with, as our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7 to resolve any issues.


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    Please, contact StopAd Customers Support if you have any questions.

    • Australia: 1-800-025-686
    • New Zealand: 0-800-002-279
    • United Kingdom: 0-800-069-8769
    • USA & Canada: 1-800-903-1420
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