How to Resolve an Invalid or Expired StopAd Activation Key

How to Reactivate Your Expired License

The StopAd Activation Key is included in the email confirmation for your StopAd PRO purchase. The activation key consists of more than 20 symbols (words or/and numbers.)

Why is the “StopAd Activation Key is invalid” message showing up?

  1. You may have made a mistake typing the key
  2. There is a technical problem on the side of StopAd

Why is the “StopAd Activation Key is expired” message showing up?

  • Your license is expired and needs to be renewed

What can I do to reactivate an expired license?

  1. Double-check the accuracy of the activation key you have entered. We recommend you to copy and paste your activation key in order to avoid typing errors
  2. If you are absolutely sure that the key is correct, but you still cannot activate the program, please contact StopAd Support. We are ready 24/7 to help you with any activation issues
  3. Renew your StopAd subscription. Find out more about activating and renewing your StopAd license by following this link 

Note: Sometimes invalid and expiry messages can show up if you need to re-activate your StopAd program. In this case, you need to log out from your StopAd account and log in again with your email and password.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Department as we are 24/7


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