How to Stop Blocking Ads

How to Stop Blocking Ads on a Particular Website?

StopAd is a useful application that helps people to use the internet without getting interrupted by ads. However, some users want to see ads on particular websites. For this action, StopAd has a special tool which is called whitelist. It is an option that informs StopAd not to block ads on certain websites the user has chosen.

You can use the Web Assistant to disable blocking ads. The Web Assistant is a small green icon in the bottom-right corner. To add a website to the whitelist, you need to open the necessary web page. Then click on the Web Assistant icon and toggle “disable Ad Blocker". The special rules will be created and will be added to the Rules Editor automatically.

If you want to cancel this action, you may click on the Web Assistant and toggle to enable the Ad Blocker. You may also use the Rules Editor to delete the certain websites from whitelist. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the StopAd application and click on Settings, which is in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Choose the Rules Editor tab in the column.
  3. Look for the rules with the domain (name) of the website where want to stop whitelisting and want to start blocking ads. You may use the search line to do this.
  4. Mark the rules which contain @@ and choose the Delete button.

Now StopAd will block ads on the affected website.

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