How to Use the StopAd Rules Editor

How to Use Rules Editor? How to Manage Rules and Ad Filters?

The StopAd Rules Editor is one of the StopAd features that make surfing Internet more comfortable for users. To use the Rules Editor:

  1. Open StopAd
  2. Click on Settings in the bottom left corner
  3. Choose Rules Editor in the column

Here you can see Filtering Rules which will appear when you manually block ads on a website.

When you block a specific element on the webpage, it is silently added to the list in the Rules Editor. You may block any element on the website by using the Web Assistant. To block ads using the Web Assistant

  1. Visit the website where you want to block ads.
  2. Click on the Web Assistant icon located in the bottom right corner by default.
  3. Click on Block Element and choose the advertising element you would like to block
  4. After you select the element you would like to block, it will appear in Filtering Rules

You can remove any rule if needed. To delete a rule, check the box next to the rule and click on the delete button. You may also use the Search rule button in order to find a necessary rule. For this, you need to type a name of the website, and the rules editor will find all rules with this domain.

If you want to use the Add Rule button, you need to enter a special syntax for the element in the Enter Rule field. Custom creation of rules is a difficult action and requires additional knowledge of ad blocking syntax. However, we have StopAd Customer Support Department available 24/7, and our agents will be happy to help you customize your rules.

Here are some examples of simple rules:

  • @@|| — Rules which contain @@ are whitelist list rules (StopAd doesn’t block on these websites.)
  • || — Rules which start with || are block rules (StopAd blocks ads on these websites.)

How to Create Your Own Rule for StopAd?

Whitelist rules are necessary if you want the website not to be blocked or filtered by StopAd.

  • @@||^$document
  • @@||

* is the domain of the website in question.

Third-party rules should be created if you have a request from another domain and you want to block it. 
For example, you have a request to from


Pop-up rules will close all tabs which contain certain domains when you try to open them on any webpage. 


If you want to block a certain image, you need this rule:

  • *_logo.png|$

Note: Our database includes Easylist filters and Easylist English filters which are modified by AdGuard. Our company uses basic and cosmetic filtering rules for blocking ads on websites.

Our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7 to help resolve any issues


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