Does StopAd iOS Version Work in Safari Only

Why Does StopAd for iOS Only Work in Safari

Recently Apple Corporation announced a prohibition on applications that change the performance or capabilities of other applications. Moreover, the company claimed to remove all apps which block advertising in third-party applications. The main reason for this decision was that Apple always supports ads as a way for developers to earn money from their apps.

For a short time, Apple changed their policy related to ad blocker applications in the App Store and some VPN-based ad blockers, which establish special certificates and block ads in other third-party applications, entered the market. However, Apple no longer officially allows these VPN-based apps and Apple has been rejecting any updates to these apps, making them unusable.

At this moment, ad blockers that use the  Safari Content Blocker are the only officially allowed by the Apple company. This means that there are few official ad blocking apps in the Apple Store and this ad blocking is currently limited to Safari only. StopAd is one of these ad blockers. Get more information on "How do I Install StopAd on iOS"

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