What is "Content Blocker" on iOS

What іs the “Content Blocker” for Safari?

The Safari Content Blocker is a special technology from Apple that permits StopAd to block more ads than ever before. It influences what content is loaded and used while using Safari. The Safari Content Blocker doesn’t send any additional information about content blocking back to StopAd.

By using the best iPhone content blocker for Safari, StopAd creates special content-blocking rules. These rules specify how Safari regards content such as text, images, videos, etc.

The iPhone content blocker has two main advantages. Firstly, content blocking provides privacy protection. By blocking any types of ads and pop-ups, StopAd reduces the amount of information that Safari sends to the other websites. Secondly, with the best iPhone ad blocker StopAd using the content blocker, Safari runs faster. It is the best option to make your Safari web pages load as fast as possible.

How to Enable StopAd Content Blocker for Safari

  1. Open Settings on iOS
  2. Scroll down and choose the Safari tab
  3. Click on the Content Blockers button and enable StopAd

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