Which iPhones and iPads are Supported by StopAd

StopAd for iOS is an app that protects you from annoying ads in Safari. Moreover, it prohibits online tracking and enables secure privacy for your personal data. After downloading the app, you get an ad-free internet experience. Try it now and enjoy a better web-surfing experience on your iPhone and iPad.

Note! You won’t find StopAd in the AppStore because it doesn’t support certain iOS devices.

Which iPhones and iPads are Supported by StopAd?

StopAd requires iOS 9 or higher and iOS devices with 64-bit processors, which means your device must be relatively new.

More specifically, you’ll need to have:

  • iPhone 5s or newer.
  • iPad Air or newer.
  • iPad mini 2 or newer.

Why is My Device Not Supported?

As Apple explains in their documentation, content blockers are only available for 64-bit devices (this means that only iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or any newer devices are supported).

Since content blocker functionality is new for iOS 9, it’s not supported in older versions. Also, Apple has limited blocker apps for devices with 64-bit processors. We assume this was done for performance reasons, to ensure a steady browsing speed.

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