Does StopAd Work in Chrome on iOS and Other Browsers

StopAd is a great ad blocker for your iOS devices, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Does StopAd Work in Chrome and Other Browsers?

Unfortunately, StopAd currently works only with Safari. And here’s why.

Native content blockers use Apple’s API, so they work only in Safari and selected third-party iOS apps like Tweetbot, which uses Apple’s Safari View Controller instead of their own custom in-app browser. Native ads in apps like Facebook or Twitter cannot be blocked.

Because of all these factors, ads in other browsers besides Safari, like Chrome, are not supported by StopAd.

Why Does StopAd Not Show Blocking Statistics and Graphs for iOS?

StopAd has this feature on Windows and MacOS, which allows you to see how many advertisements were blocked and what they were. But, from a technical standpoint, it’s impossible for us to bring this feature to StopAd for iOS.

Native content blockers don’t see what web pages you visit and what is being blocked. Otherwise, this would present a vulnerability for the personal information about users. This is an Apple’s restriction to keep data secure and prevent it from getting into unauthorized hands.

We’d love you to be able to see what exactly StopAd did for you in iOS, but currently, there is no technical way to achieve this. Should accessibility change on the Apple-side, you can be sure that StopAd will be on the forefront of adapting to the change and providing more complete ad blocking service to iOS users.

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