Hot to Use StopAd Web Assistant on Mac

What is Web Assistant? How to use it's features?

StopAd is the perfect ad blocker for your Mac. Among its many different features and functions, the StopAd Web Assistant is one of the most important. The StopAd Web Assistant icon is a small green hand icon the lower-right corner of your browser. To access Web Assistant features, click the hand. The Web Assistant menu that opens will help you manage ad blocking for different sites. You can use the Web Assistant menu to turn StopAd on and off for the site you're on, manually block specific elements on the page, edit blocking filters, and report a problem.

The StopAd Web Assistant Menu

Activate or Deactivate the Ad Blocker

To enable to disable the ad blocker, simply click the switch to turn ad blocking on or off for the site you're currently on. To whitelist a specific website, turn ad blocking off. The StopAd ad blocker will be disabled only on the website where you turned the ad blocker off.

Note: If the Web Assistant icon is grey, it means that ad blocker is off

Block an Additional Advertising Element

To manually block something on a page:

  • Click the Block Element button
  • Click the element that you want to block. You can also use the slider to adjust the size of the element
  • Then select Block Element and watch it disappear

Note: If you want to unblock something or manage your filters, just click on Open Filter Editor to manage your rules

Manage Your StopAd Settings

To access your StopAd Settings, click on the small Settings icon in the top right corner of the Web Assistant menu. From your settings, you can manage more StopAd product features, manage your account, and view your ad blocking statistics.

Report a Problem

If you have any technical difficulties while using StopAd, you can always send a report to our Customer Support Department, and we will gladly assist you. To send a support email using the Web Assistant:

  • Click on Report a Problem
  • Paste the link to the website in question, describe the problem in detail, and attach a screenshot. You will get a reply via email within a few hours

To start a Live Support Chat using the Web Assistant, simply click on Get Quick Help in order to start a chat with a Customer Support representative

Still, have questions? For more information on how to use the WebAssistant, click on the small question mark (?) near the Settings option in the menu. For additional questions, our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7 to help resolve any issues.


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