How to Block Ads in Spotify

StopAd Doesn't Block Ads in Spotify?

The StopAd application blocks ads in the Spotify desktop app on Windows and Mac as well as in the Spotify web player, which is supported by the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera. However, the StopAd ad blocker does not currently block audio advertisements in the Spotify mobile app

How to Block Ads in the Spotify Desktop Application:

  1. Go to StopAd “Settings” (click on the “Settings” in the bottom left corner of StopAd main window)
  2. Click on “Applications” button
  3. Click “Search app”
  4. Enter Spotify
  5. Check-mark it - click “Add to filtering”

How to Block Ads in the Spotify Web Player

If StopAd doesn’t automatically block ads in the Spotify web player, please check that you see  Web Assistant(green hand) in the bottom right corner of your browser.

However, if you see the Web Assistant, but it is grey, you have whitelisted Spotify and this is usually the main reason you’re still seeing ads. To fix the problem, just click on the grey hand and click to enable “ad blocker.”

If ads remain on the Spotify web player, despite an active Web Assistant, please contact the StopAd Customer Support Department

Our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7 to help resolve any issues. Visit us at, or start a live chat from your StopAd application.


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