How to Use Web Assistant

What is Web Assistant? How to use its features?

StopAd Web Assistant is a special tool that helps you to manage your web browsing. It is green and usually located at the lower-right corner of the screen. Web-Assistant is a useful tool which makes browsing easy and care-free. You have several options to choose from. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • You can disable/enable ad blocking feature for a specific website. Click on the green/grey hand at the bottom left corner, on the right from “Ad Blocker” click on the green button and disable “Ad Blocker”. You can add any website to the list of exceptions. It means that StopAd will not filter ads on this website. Just disable your “Ad blocker” on this website and it will be added to the list of exceptions automatically. On your “Rules Editor,” you will see a new rule for that website. You can remove this rule from the “Rules Editor” either manually or by clicking “Turn On” in the StopAd Web Assistant menu. However, you can enable "Ad Blocker" anytime.

Note! Web-Assistant icon will be grey if disabled.

  • Underneath the “Ad Blocker” you will see the "Block element" option. It allows you to select any element of a web page and add a rule to the “Rules Editor” that will remove this element from the website.You can also use the slider to adjust the size of the element. In case you have noticed certain ads just block them manually using Web Assistant.
  • Click on “Report a problem” if there are any troubles with the website (e.g. The website is blocked or messed up, you have noticed some pop-ups or ads which haven’t been blocked by StopAd etc.). Though “Improve StopAd” window will show up, there you need to fill in all of the fields and take a screenshot and just click send. From there you can also start live chat in order to contact Customer Support Representative.
  • Click on Settings in order to open your StopAd program. It is the easiest way to get to the StopAd menu.
  • Click on “Get a quick help” if you need to start live chat with customer support.

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