How to Setup Settings in StopAd for Windows

Most software programs have a special menu where users can access all the program options available for that particular application.

For StopAd, this menu is called “Settings”. To open Settings, click on the lower-left corner of StopAd’s main window. There you will see all of the options available in the application.

Let’s start from General Settings. Here you can manage functions, including:

  • Launch on startup—StopAd will load when your computer starts up
  • Minimize on startup—StopAd will load in the background
  • Minimize to tray when closed
  • Automatic updates
  • Log and show detailed statistics—you can check the statistics by clicking on “View details” on the main window
  • Show StopAd notifications
  • Block crypto-mining scripts on websites

Additionally, you can access the following features in Settings:

Rules Editor

Using this option you can add/delete certain ad blocking rules for the websites. Learn more about the Rules Editor.

Ad Filters

In this section, you can choose what kinds of ads StopAd will block. Moreover, you can turn the ad blocker off for specific types of ads by unchecking them from the list. You can turn on and off ads from: Search ads (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Youtube ads, Facebook ads, social media buttons, and HTTPS traffic.

Geo Filters

What ads you see depends on your location in the world. To accommodate this, we have a lot of geofilters that help filter ads from various places around the world. Find out more about geo filters here.


This is a list of applications on your computer that are filtered by StopAd. You can add any program by clicking on Search App and Add to Filtering.

Web Assistant

Using this option, you can set up your Web Assistant. Here is a list of what different statuses mean:

  • Enable Web Assistant—StopAd will block ads, but the green hand won’t show up on the websites
  • Open on hover—The Web Assistant menu will open when you hover with your mouse hover
  • Use transparent icon—This will make the icon invisible
  • Reload web page automatically—It is recommended to reload your web page after enabling or disabling your ad blocker and/or adding rules. Find out more information about the Web Assistant

My Account

Basically, it is your personal “office,” where you can activate StopAd, login/logout, as well as check your license status.


This section provides general information about your version of the program and the URL to the official company website, and the email address of StopAd Support

If you face any difficulties or have any questions, please contact our Support Department, available 24/7 to help resolve any issues. 


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