I Still See Ads on Facebook

How to Stop Ads on Facebook

Facebook is a social network that earns money from advertising companies. It is possible to use Facebook with ads enabled, but sometimes it is so annoying. StopAd strives to help you block all Facebook ads. But if some ads find a way to sneak onto your newsfeed, here’s what you can do for a stronger sponsored ads block on Facebook.

  • Check if you see a green hand at the bottom right corner of the webpage. This is your Web Assistant. Click it and select "Block element", then choose what you want to block.

If you don’t see the Web Assistant icon (Green/Grey hand) in your browser, please follow the instructions below.

Check whether the StopAd service is running in Task Manager:

  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Del, then click on Task Manager). If you cannot see the “Processes,”Performance” click on "More Details" in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on "Services" in the top right corner, then click on Open Services at the bottom.
  3. In a new “Services” window, find the StopAd Service and check whether the status is marked as “Running.”
  4. Then reinstall application certificates. Open your StopAd application, at the bottom left corner of the StopAd window, click on StopAd SettingsGeneral Settings. Then, click on the “Reinstall Certificate” button.
  5. Clear your web browser cache and restart it.

Still seeing ads? Help StopAd hide advertisements on Facebook.

Send us your feedback using the Improve StopAd option, you can easily access this option through your Web Assistant or the StopAd application.

While on the Facebook, find the green/grey hand near the bottom right corner. Click the icon and on the menu bar select “Report a problem” (you need to fill in all of the fields and take a screenshot). Also, you can do the same using the StopAd application itself. Open StopAd and near the bottom right corner, click on Improve StopAd and “Report a Problem.”

Note! We do not currently block ads on the Facebook application on mobile devices. The Facebook app is full of paid advertising content which evolves dynamically, it is really hard to track such content, but we are working on it.

If you faced any troubles or have some additional questions, feel free to contact StopAd Customer Support Department at any time! Just click on “Start Live Chat” in the bottom right corner of your StopAd window, give us a call at 1-800-903-1420, or send an email to support@stopad.io. 

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