How to Use Ad Blocking Statistics in StopAd

The statistics of StopAd is a useful feature that allows you to view how many ads, trackers, and threats were blocked by tool. Your statistics are located on the main window of StopAd application. You can also click on the Web Assistant (the green icon on the web page), choose Settings, and click on the “Back” button in the top-left corner.

In the Statistics tab, you can see the number of ads, trackers, and threats which were blocked. Ads are a form of marketing that encourage you to buy some product, service, or idea. Advertising is often annoying and interferes with your enjoyment of the main content of the website. Trackers are the specific snippets of code that send and receive information about you to other companies. This data is then used to analyze your behavior and deliver ads, integrate social media, and customize websites based on your behavior. Threats are types of harmful software which may contain viruses and phishing service.

By the clicking on the View Details button on the top of Statistics, you may see the detailed information about what exactly was blocked by StopAd. The Statistics tab shows how many ads, trackers, and threats have been blocked on the certain websites, web browsers, or other applications. When you choose the Journal tab, you may view the detailed data of every blocked element on each website and the time when you visited that web page. 

Please note that all data are located on each user’s computers. StopAd doesn’t collect the information about user’s web history. If you want, you can delete the statistics about blocked elements.

How to Delete Statistics in StopAd

  1. Click on View Details
  2. Tap on the Clear History button

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