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Three things you need to know to get the most out of Web Assistant in 1 short video.

Find the Web Assistant icon

The StopAd Web Assistant icon is in the lower-right corner of your browser

Web assistant image for mobile

If it's not there, open the StopAd program and go to general settings to activate it.

Open the Web Assistant menu

Click the hand to open the Web Assistant menu

Web assistant menu image for mobile

This menu lets you turn ad blocking on and off for the site you're on, manually block specific elements and edit blocking filters.

Block an element

Click the Block element button

Block element image for mobile

Then click the element on the page that you want to block. You can also use the slider to adjust the size of the element. Then just click Block element and watch it disappear. If you want to unblock something just click on "Open Filter Editor" to manage your rules.

Disable StopAd for a particular website

Click the switch to turn ad blocking on and off for the site you're currently on

Disabled StopAd image for mobile

Gray means off, green means on.

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