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The Opera browser is a preferred browser for web users prioritizing secure browsing and privacy. Like many browsers, Opera has some ad blocking functionality built into the browser; however, even with the Opera ad blocker enabled, ads can still be a nuisance. Naturally, many people want to ad block Opera effectively. Learning how to block ads in Opera completely can be tough. Here we’ll discuss features of and where to download and install the most effective free and premium Opera ad blockers.

Download the Best Ad Blocker for Opera

Though Opera browser has a respectable ad blocker built-in. StopAd is a more effective and powerful ad blocking tool that covers all aspects of safe surfing on the internet without intrusive ads, allowing you to completely stop ads on Opera. StopAd for Opera and Opera Mini is compatible on every operating system except iOS and boasts an impressive host of functions for free and premium options, including removal of all kinds of advertising, including pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, autoplay videos, and more. Not only does StopAd effectively block online ads, it also removes ads on Facebook, is a YouTube ad block for Opera, and stops ads in applications on all operating systems.

StopAd dashboard

StopAd offers multiple service plans, including FREE and PRO. StopAd FREE is an uncompromising ad blocking application, but lacks some of the robust security features of StopAd PRO. With StopAd’s premium ad block, Opera and other browser users get dedicated protection from malware, phishing, tracking, and cryptojacking.

Major Features of StopAd For Opera

Furthermore, StopAd for Opera works on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices as well as on all operating systems except iOS. Both StopAd FREE and PRO block the following ad types:

  • Pop-ups and pop-unders
  • Banner ads
  • Autoplay audio and video ads

On macOS, Windows, and Android, StopAd works on a device-level to remove ads in applications like Skype as well as games. On iOS, due to Apple limitations, StopAd only blocks advertising in the Safari browser.

For desktop platforms, StopAd puts an end to all the irritating ads on Facebook and YouTube. For Android devices, StopAd YouTube ad blocking is forthcoming.

Finally, StopAd PRO features will help you move beyond simple ad blocking and into impressively secure browsing.

StopAd PRO boasts the following web security functions:

  • Block advertising and social trackers
  • Flag and alert potentially malicious pages
  • Halt malware
  • Intercept cryptojacking

How to Block Ads in Opera and Opera Mini

Blocking ads on the Opera browser as well as learning how to block ads in Opera Mini is simple. To get started with StopAd FREE for Opera, deactivate Opera’s native VPN, download the StopAd app, select Opera as your preferred browser, and instantly begin seeing the benefits of the best tool to ad block Opera. This tool can be used for desktops as well as mobile devices.

  1. Disable the automatic VPN feature of your Opera browser. *
  2. Download StopAd from our official website.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file named “StopAd Installer.”
  4. Confirm all notifications and follow the additional instructions in the StopAd window.

*Opera Browser includes an automatic VPN feature that interferes with the effectiveness of StopAd to block ads on the browser. In order for StopAd’s device-level features to work properly, please ensure that your Opera VPN is deactivated.

StopAd Installation Instructions

If you face any problems during the installation process, our Customer Support Department is ready 24/7  to help resolve any issues. You can email our team anytime at  or call toll-free at 1-800-903-1420.

As previously mentioned, StopAd FREE customers can select Opera as their favorite browser to guarantee quality ad blocking on that browser alone. If you prefer a more complete solution that stops pop-ups, banners, and autoplay ads as well as provides web protection on all browsers, try StopAd’s PRO version.

StopAd for Opera By Operating System

Whatever your preferred device is, StopAd is the most effective ad blocker available.
Here’s what users can expect for each device.

  • How to Block Ads on Windows

    StopAd for Windows is a powerful, complete ad blocking tool. With StopAd’s FREE version, the tool blocks ads any and everywhere on the internet—including Facebook and YouTube—for your preferred browser. If Opera is your dedicated browser, our FREE option will be suitable for most situations. Because StopAd is not an Opera extension but rather a complete desktop application, the StopAd ad blocker helps to remove ads in games and apps on your desktop. With our PRO version, StopAd offers the complete ad blocking of the FREE version, but on all browsers and with added web and privacy protection features.

  • How to Block Pop-ups on Opera Android

    StopAd is the best ad blocker for Android devices and is parallel in function to the Windows version. StopAd for Android not only blocks ads in Opera or other browsers but also in apps and games your mobile device without developer root access. Currently, however, StopAd on Android doesn’t remove ads in Facebook or YouTube applications. Solutions for these apps are forthcoming. Like the Windows version, StopAd PRO includes additional web and privacy tools that block trackers, halt malware, stop phishing, and protect from adware. FREE and PRO users alike have access to helpful statistics that track the number of ads blocked and amount of data saved.

  • How to Block Ads on Opera macOS

    StopAd for Mac is the Apple desktop parallel to our Windows tool. StopAd’s FREE option works on your preferred browser to remove all types of ads all over the web, including for YouTube and Facebook. If Opera is your only browser, StopAd FREE will suit most needs. As a complete macOS-level ad blocking technology, StopAd blocks ads in games and apps, like Skype. Furthermore, StopAd PRO incorporates the same complete advertising removal as StopAd FREE but works on all browsers and includes added web and privacy protection features.

  • How to Block Ads on iOS

    StopAd FREE and PRO work as iOS ad blockers. However, because of content blocking rules imposed by Apple, complete ad blocking on iOS devices is only possible for ads in the Safari browser alone. If Safari is your dedicated browser on your iOS, StopAd’s ad removal options will effectively block pop-ups, banners, and autoplay audio or video in the web browser.

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