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Customer Support

StopAd's uncompromising ad blocker is supported by an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction.

StopAd has a quick 24/7 support department with live chat as well as an easy-to-use Help Center so you can independently troubleshoot issues quickly and get the most from your StopAd app.

The StopAd Help Center

We have created and constantly update our Help Center. This customer service portal allows you to quickly find solutions to the most common questions, concerns, and issues related to the StopAd ad blocker.

If you are unable to find the information you need, we have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team ready to assist you in live chat, via email, and by phone.

StopAd 24/7
Customer Support


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ticket resolution


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Dedicated Customer
Support Professionals

Our experienced support team is well-versed and able to help with a wide-variety of concerns.
The StopAd Support Team has:

  • Specialized customer service skills

  • Compliance knowledge

  • Advanced product knowledge for all operating systems and devices

  • Advanced technical skills

    (e.g. troubleshooting for various operating systems, collecting logs, reporting bugs)

  • Apple Certification

  • Complete sales, billing, and SSP instruction

Are you in the StopAd program and need some assistance? Try our real-time chat with a support representative. You can easily begin a live support chat using the StopAd Web Assistant.

1. Open StopAd from your desktop or applications folder.

2. Click "Start Live Chat" in the bottom-right corner of the StopAd window.

We'll be happy to chat with you and resolve any questions, concerns, or issues.