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Now the web's most effective ad blocker is protecting Android TV. StopAd for TV is the first ad blocker available for TV, and it wont disappoint. Without exception, StopAd blocks YouTube ads, web ads, and in-app ads including full-screen video and banner ads.

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Ad Blocking
Ad Blocking
Block all ads before they get to your browser.

Unlike other ad blockers that only work with specific browsers, StopAd is a simple all-in-one solution that blocks ads on the network level.

StopAd easily blocks:
  • YouTube ads
  • In-app, full-screen video ads
  • In-app banner ads
  • Common web ads

Only StopAd uses a 3-tiered approach to block ads effectively.

  • URL Blocking StopAd blocks ad requests that are sent to denied addresses and returns an empty response to the browser, so requests are not sent at all. It saves internet traffic and decreases page loading time.
  • CSS scanning StopAd can scan a page’s code and uses special algorithms that change the parameters of any webpage element to hide ads on the page.
  • HTML filtering StopAd filters HTML code to remove ad images, links and scripts before they reach your browser. Browser extensions can’t do this.
Privacy protection
Privacy protection
Privacy is our #1 concern and we think trackers go too far, so we block those, too.

StopAd deactivates online trackers so search engines, advertisers, and cyber criminals can’t collect your personal and browsing data.

CNBC, $106 Billion Advertising, Mar 21, 2017

Privacy is a right. We keep it that way.

  • Block ad trackers Advertisers track your browsing behavior and show you ads based on the sites you visit, the videos you watch and more. Creepy, right?
  • Block social media trackers Facebook sells your personal data to advertisers so they can show you highly personalized (and some would say invasive) ads.
  • Block data trackers With web analytics tools, companies track and analyze which links you click, which pages you visit most often, what you search for and more.

The StopAd story

Like you, we live online. We stream our music and movies. We pay our bills with a click instead of a stamp. We get status updates instead of voicemails.

However, over the last few years, we've noticed that being online has meant being watched, tracked, manipulated, scammed, and sold to. Traditional ad blockers were no longer enough to stop the thousands of ads we were seeing every day.

Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work. StopAd is the culmination of what we want in an ad blocker. We hope it's what you want, too.