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StopAd—It’s our name.
And it’s what we do.

Introducing our most effective ad blocker ever.
Block ads on all major browsers, applications and social sites including Facebook, Skype and more.

It's FREE!

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StopAd helps you take back control of your online experience

Ad Protection

Ad Protection

Block all ads before they get to your browser.

Unlike other ad blockers that only work with specific browsers, StopAd is a simple all-in-one solution that blocks ads on the network level.

StopAd effectively blocks:


Banner ads

YouTube ads

Auto-start video and audio ads

Facebook and Google ads

Skype ads

Much more

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection

Privacy is our #1 concern and we think
trackers go too far, so we block those, too.

In 2016, search engines made over 100 billion dollars—partly by selling your personal data to advertisers. StopAd deactivates online trackers so search engines, advertisers and cyber criminals can’t collect your personal data when you’re online.

CNBC, $106 Billion Advertising, Mar 21, 2017

Web Protection

Web protection

Stop identity thieves, scammers and phishers.

Every single day thousands of people have to deal with the horrors of identity theft. Don’t let it happen to you. StopAd has built-in anti-malware and anti-phishing protection so you can browse safely.

The StopAd story

Like you, we live our lives online. We stream our music and movies. We pay bills with a click instead of a stamp. We get status updates instead of voicemails.

But over the past few years, we noticed that being online meant being watched, tracked, manipulated, scammed and sold to. Traditional ad blockers were no longer enough to stop the thousands of ads that we saw everyday. But instead of getting frustrated, we got to work.

StopAd is the culmination of what we want in an ad blocker. We hope it’s what you want, too.

It's FREE!